The following SCP's are all classified as Keter:

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SCP-106 -The Old Man 


SCP-106 appears to be an elderly humanoid with a rotting quality. Any surfaces that make contact with it will appear to rot. SCP-106 is not very agile, and can remain motionless for days as it waits for prey. SCP-106 can pass through almost all matter except for its containment chamber. If contact is made with SCP-106, the subject will be taken to 106's "Pocket Dimension", an extremely distorted area where SCP-106 will play with you until you die - unless you can escape. Document SCP-106-I


-SCP-106 will spawn at random places and attempt to capture the player upon contact.

-If captured, the player will be sent to SCP-106's "pocket dimension", where SCP-106 can kill the player.

SCP-019-Monster Pot

SCP-019 appears to be a pot made around the 18th Century, still completely intact. Occasionally, a small humanoid creature (SCP-019-2) will come out of it. The creature is hostile and considered very dangerous for its size.


-SCP-019 spawns one SCP-019-2 about every 5-10 minutes.

-A specimen of SCP-019-2 can chase the player and latch onto the player's head while attempting to claw it.

SCP-035-Possessive Mask

SCP-035 is a tragedy mask that secretes unknown fluids. Its appearance changes occasionally to that of a comedy mask. Anyone near its proximity will experience the urge to wear it. Upon putting it on, the subject will begin to rot and go under SCP-035's "control". SCP-035 is perfectly sentient and has been observed to be able to converse.


-The player can encounter a Class-D discovering and wearing SCP-035.

-The Class-D is shown to struggle upon wearing SCP-035, and faints afterwards.


-If the player leaves the area after the Class-D has fainted and returns, the Class-D seems to have escaped with SCP-035.

RobloxScreenShot02282013 182355545

gas catwalk where scp-682 and a researcher can be found(note:the picture represents empty destroyed catwalk it is glitch but the researcher is screaming)

SCP-682-Hard-to-Destroy Reptile

SCP-682 appears to be an unidentified type of reptile capable of shapeshifting.


-SCP-682`s hand held onto a catwalk with a researcher grasping on. Unfortunately for the researcher, the catwalk collapsed.

SCP-409-Contagious Crystal

SCP-409 appears as a quartz crystal. Objects that make contact with SCP-409 will slowly crystallize and eventually shatter apart after three(3) hours. Those who have gone under this effect have claimed to feel very painful.

Strangely, SCP-409 does not affect granite.


-SCP-409 appears to have converted its entire containment chamber into crystal, including personnel who were unfortunate enough to have been trapped.

-If the player happens to touch SCP-409, he/she will turn into crystal, and eventually die.